Installing Slackware on a Dell 2850 with Perc 4

Brent Kennedy b.kennedy at
Tue Mar 8 21:33:00 CST 2005

I have a brand new 2850 here and I have been trying for the last three hours to get it to boot with slackware.  I tried booting from the cd with the scsi2.s, scsi3.s and raid.s kernels with no luck.  I have installed slackware many times and know what to do once I can get the drives to show up in cfdisk, but I am stuck on the drive recognition part.
Just to clarify:
-Dell 2850 with Perc4 controller
-Controller is currently setup as a hardware mirror( raid 1 ) for the two disk drives that are currently installed.
-I am trying to install slackware 10.0 from CD.
-I have tried to break the mirror and make the drives singular as recommend by another post, but for some reason, the option to create single disks is not available.
My question is:  What specifically(as much detail is possible) do I have to do to get the hard drive recognized and be able to use cfdisk to get the thing partitioned the way I want it?
Thanks in advance! :)
Brent Kennedy
Network Systems Administrator
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