LinuxWorldExpo Presentations by Dell

Matthew Reams mreams at
Tue Mar 8 09:14:00 CST 2005


I was wondering if this was going to be posted up on (or
perhaps I was looking in the wrong places).


>>> Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch at> 02/11/05 8:37 AM >>>
On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 09:19:07AM +0000, Mark Watts wrote:
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> > Sumankumar Singh, a Dell HA Cluster expert, and I will be
> > at LinuxWorldExpo in Boston.  We hope you'll join us.
> Are these presentations going to be available online after the Expo
for those 
> of us not in the USA?

Fair enough, I'll get them posted to  If I forget,
remind me in a couple weeks.

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