PE750 + Debian

techs techs at
Mon Mar 7 10:35:00 CST 2005

Hi all,

I'm quite new to Dell server, and didn't find all of my answers in the last
4 month archive, so sorry if it was ask before (and for my bad english

I've just received a PE750 (2HD, RAID_1) and finish to install
debian-dell-2.4.28 on it right from out the box ;-) without any problems.
Great Thanx to the mainteners of "Debian on Dell Servers" website.

1) Why can't i see the green led on the front blinking when there is access
disk ? 

2) How can i be sure that everything is under the control of RAID1 hardware
controller ? 
I used to manage software RAID with various command, but i'm new to RAID
with hardware. Do i need some commands ?

Thanks in advance.


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