PE 1425SC with SCSI hard disks

Erik Knoop erik.knoop at
Mon Mar 7 02:15:01 CST 2005


RAID is turned off in the BIOS.

It seems FC3 has problems finding the correct drivers for the SCSI controller.
It is an Adaptec 39320 U320 SCSI Controller with 1 146 GB SCSI Ultra320 hard disk.

Any suggestions are still welcome... :)


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Is RAID turned off in the BIOS? SuSE 9.2 installed fine on an identical 
server we have; even the CD/DVD works ;-).

- Gerrit

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>Subject: PE 1425SC with SCSI hard disks
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>We have a couple of PowerEdge 1425SC servers with 146 GB SCSI hard disks. We try to install RH8, RH9 and FC3 on them, but all distribution fail to detect the hard disk.
>Does anyone have a solution to the problem?
>Thanks in advance!

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