Resetting ESM logs via SNMP set

Andrew Mann amann at
Fri Mar 4 17:23:01 CST 2005

	I see a response a couple years back on this list that OMSA included 
"extra security features" designed to block SNMP Set commands to OMSA 
that didn't come from Dell Applications.  In the interest of installing 
as little unecessary software as possible (mostly to simplify 
maintenance and reduce compatability testing) the omsa CLI is not 
installed on our systems.
	Are SNMP Set commands still restricted in this way?  If they are not, 
is there a way to reset the ESM log via SNMP sets?  Finally, if there 
is, which OID(s) are appropriate and what value is appropriate to set to 
clear the entry?
	We have a 1750 that filled its ESM logs with spurious ambient temp. 
warnings before a bios update was applied.  Since the ESM logs don't 
seem to loop and overwrite, further warning conditions can't be logged.


Andrew Mann
Systems Administrator
Mythic Entertainment

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