Retrieving the MAC address out of a ERA/DRACIII

Michael Weber mweber at
Fri Mar 4 16:02:01 CST 2005

Here is a hunk of code I am writing to keep track of all the MAC's in my
network using a MySQL database.

The guts of it is the ping command followed by the arp command.  If you
know the IP's, you can pretty easily cut and paste pieces of my script
into something that will give you what you need, either in a
pre-formatted dhcp.conf style, or whatever you need.

Note:  I am a sysadmin, not a coder.  It works, but may not be the most
efficient piece of coding you have ever seen.

Hope it helps!



let net=1


while (( $net<255 ))
        let node=1
        while (( $node<255 ))

                let sort_value=($net*1000)+$node

echo "Sort value is $sort_value"

#               echo "Target is $targ"
                ping -q -c 1 -w 1 $targ > /dev/null
                # Pull the address from the arp cache
                targ_mac=${arp -na $targ | awk '{print $4}' }

#               echo "if [ '$targ_mac' != '<incomplete>' ]"
                if [ $targ_mac != '<incomplete>' -a $targ_mac !=
'entries' ]

#                       echo "MAC address for $targ is $targ_mac"

                        echo "use arp;" > sql-command
                        echo "select * from hosts where MAC_Address =
\"$targ_mac\";" >> sql-command

                        mysql -h -u arp < sql-command | grep
"10.1." | awk '{print $2}' > sql-output

                        echo "use arp;" > sql-command

                        targ_name=`host $targ | head -1 | awk {'print
$5'} | grep -v NXDOMAIN | awk -F. {'print $1'}`
                        if (( `cat sql-output | wc -c` > 5 ))

                                echo "UPDATE hosts SET IP_ADDRESS =
\"$targ\", host_name = \"$targ_name\" WHERE MAC_Address =
\"$targ_mac\";" >> sql-command
                                echo "INSERT INTO hosts (IP_Address,
MAC_Address, sort_by, host_name) VALUES
(\"$targ\",\"$targ_mac\",\"$sort_value\",\"$targ_name\");" >>

                        mysql -h -u arp < sql-command >

#                       cat sql-output


                let node+=1

        let net+=1


>>> Michael Halligan <michael.halligan at> 03/04 3:15 PM
This has been posted once before, but never received a solution.

How do you find the mac address for a rac card? I need to find the
on about 200 machines, since I'm moving all of my rac from static
configs to
dhcp, and I'd really rather not have to log into my switches to map
addresses to ports and hope that everything is plugged in where the
guys say it is.

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