Setting up Fedora Core 3 on Poweredge 2800

Jean-Marc Pigeon jmp at
Wed Mar 2 17:55:00 CST 2005

Bonjour bomber at,
> Hi all!
> I´m trying to setup a Fedora Core 3 on PowerEdge 2800, with 2 SCSI HD
> Maxtor 73gb, 2gb RAM, Xeon 3ghz. The problem is that after fedora's
> installation, the poweredge keeps a message after the Baseboard Management
> controller last systems' messages, that is Missing operating system.
> Someone knows what's going wrong with that?
	reboot in rescue mode, double check /etc/grub.conf
	and /boot directory.

	Check BIOS to make sure you are booting from SCSI...
	(FC3 + PE2800 is working no problem)

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