omsa 4.2.0 silent install on X-less system?

Hal Wine hal at
Wed Mar 2 14:04:00 CST 2005

I am having trouble getting om420_lnx_managed_system_A00.tar.gz to 
install in a silent manner from the machine's console.

I'm using the command line:
  dell/omsw/ -license -silent -nosnmpsets -noinstallweb

First it fails because the script tries to open an XTerm.

When I set TERM=screen to avoid that issue, the install fails because an 
X library ( is not present.

If I copy an old from the 4.0.1 System Mangement cd (latest 
I had handy), and create an installer, I avoid the first problem. 
However, there is still the X library error.

Any one know of a workaround to avoid installing the X libraries?


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