PE 6450, PERC 2/DC, and PV210S

Matthew Boehm mboehm at
Wed Mar 2 11:50:00 CST 2005

Hello everyone,
 We buy most of our Dell equipment 2nd hand/used so Dell won't support us
without handing over our life savings.
I am very new to the whole "RAID" thing and could really use some help. Here
is our setup:

Poweredge 6450 with PERC 2/DC RAID Controller running RedHat 9.0
PowerVault 210S with 4 36GB Segate Cheeta drives.

I setup RAID5 with all 4 drives and made that the / partition. (So now I
have a single 144GB drive that is striped)
/tmp and /boot are both on the local, built-in SCSI controller's 9GB drive.

Everything installed fine and is up and running.

Two days ago, by pure chance, one of our techs needed to get a crimper that
he left in our downtown pop (where all these servers are located).  Upon
entering, he heard the unmistakable sound of the RAID beep. He called me and
said that drive #2 on the PV had an amber light while the others all had

Through the magical secrets of RAID, the server was still up and running. I
checked /var/log/messages, dmesg, and kmesg and found no indication that
there was a problem. Had the tech not forgotten his tool, we might have
never known about this for over a month.

What do I need to be able to monitor the RAID stuff in RedHat 9.0? I
searched on google and found this page:

but most of the files he references are out of date or don't work with RH9.

If anyone can offer anything, I would greatly appreciate it.


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