poweredge hardware monitoring

pzero pzero at hotpop.com
Wed Mar 2 11:00:01 CST 2005

On 3/1/05 3:21 PM, Philip J. Hollenback wrote:
> If you don't want to use the heavyweight OMSA tools, there are a few
> other options.  For older servers such as the 1550, you can use
> lm_sensors in linux to monitor fan speeds, voltages, and temperatures
> (see http://www.hollenback.net/index.php/LmSensorsDellFifteenFifty).
> For newer servers (1650 and up), you can use IPMI to retreive the same
> sort of information.

Where can I find more info on how to use IPMI to retrieve hardware 
status info from my Dell servers?

> However, that just gets you the data, it's not a mechanism to do email
> alerts.  You would need to use some other monitoring framework (such
> as nagios) for that.

I am already running Nagios to monitor the availability of the public 
services on the Dell servers. :-)

> Note also that obtaining raid status is a separate, complicated issue.

Can you give me more details on this issue?


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