poweredge hardware monitoring

pzero pzero at hotpop.com
Wed Mar 2 10:56:01 CST 2005


I am already running Nagios to monitor the availability of services 
(e.g. HTTP, POP, SMTP, etc.) of my servers, so I'd like to leverage it 
to monitor the hardware status of my Dell servers too.

Where can I get the plugins and scripts to do that?

I am fine installing OMSA on each server (RH Enterprise Linux or Windows 
2000), if it is needed or if it provides a better solution ...


On 3/2/05 5:14 PM, Anjan Dave wrote:
> I've been using Nagios to monitor a lot of services/hosts, very helpful.
> Once setup, it's pretty easy to add/change hosts and services. There are
> plugins available for just about everything you would want to monitor.
> I haven't been able to get the nagios-raid plugin part working yet...
> Is there ONE (updated) location where all the information about
> monitoring PERC RAID cards/drivers/utilities on DELL in LINUX can be
> found? Whether it be via OMSA, Nagios, etc?
> -anjan

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