CD still not recognized with kernel 2.6

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Wed Mar 2 10:08:01 CST 2005

Firstly, I would note that SATA and IDE are as different as IDE and SCSI
under linux since  SCSI is basically how linux treats SATA.  If your
kernel is recognizing the intel SATA controller, that is great, but I
wouldn't think that you have a SATA cdrom drive.

Secondly, Dell typicall uses a ServerWorks IDE chipset (I am not sure
about the PE 750) for IDE/ATAPI devices so that your cdrom would appear
as a standard ATAPI device, usually /dev/hda on their servers.

If you really have your cdrom connected to your SATA controller, linux
will see it as a SCSI device such as /dev/sda assuming your kernel is
loading the intel ACH SATA driver.

If you have ide-scsi emulation running, even a legacy IDE device may be
showing up as a SCSI cdrom device.

What does your /var/log/dmesg file say about storage devices from your
kernel's boot messages and are you sure all relevant controllers have
been enabled through your servers BIOS?

-Larry Mulder

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I still haven't solved this problem, so I'm returning with the hope that

there is a solution.

The IDE CDROM drive is not recognized when using kernel 2.6 on a
750 (with Debian Sarge).

lspci gives this for IDE:

0000:00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corp. 6300ESB SATA Storage Controller 
(rev 02)

Does really nobody at Dell know how to get their CD recognized with a

Does anybody have it working?

The full Debian install report is available here:
or a shorter post here:

Some more info here (works with Knoppix on 2.4 kernel, not with

Thank you,


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