poweredge hardware monitoring

nikster nikster at antivir.de
Wed Mar 2 03:17:05 CST 2005

Lewis Getschel wrote:

> Hello All-
>   I'm new to this list (I've been lurking a week or so now <smirk>)
>   Another alternative for monitoring systems is a monitoring program 
> called Nagios (www.nagios.org). (Although, if you only have a few 
> systems, this could be overkill)
> There is a pretty steep learning curve, but it is a great system. I'm 
> using it to monitor a mixed environment of windows and linux. 512 
> poweredge 1550's (yeah, they're old, but still work), 17 2650's, (the 
> 2650's each have 4 powervault 220s), 400+ linux boxes plus assorted 
> switches,routers, printers etc. Short scripts called 'plugins' expand 
> it's functionality. (I wrote one so that I can now monitor each of the 
> individual drives in all the powervaults on my windows 2k servers (68 
> vaults) , and get notified when one PV 'decides' to change a drive 
> from 'online' to 'ready' and rebuilds itself, I'm still working on a 
> linux version though).
>   Just my 2 cents.
> Lewis
> pzero wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have a few PowerEdge servers (1650, 1655MC, 1850, 2550, etc.) 
>> running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and Windows 2000 Server.
>> What would be the best way to monitor the hardware status (e.g. raid 
>> array status, ecc.) and be automatically notified by email if there 
>> is a problem?
>> Thanks.
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Hi all.
Nagios is pretty cool, I use it too.
But the configuration is a b...., I've heard about a tool named zabbix 
The configuration seems to be easy and it seems to be effective too.



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