Mike McNamara mike at
Tue Mar 1 20:01:01 CST 2005

I'm running RHEL3 with a PERC4/Di controller (RAID 1) on a PE1750 
here using GRUB as my boot loader...  I am fairly green to the world 
of hardware RAID unfortunately.  Rather than waiting to discover 
things the hard way in an unfortunate circumstance, I thought I'd ask 
questions!  I have Googled on this extensively, but seem to be coming 
up short on answers.

Is the MBR written to each drive in a RAID 1 array with no particular 
effort on my part?  Or post installation do I need to do something to 
get the MBR on to each drive in the RAID array like I would with 
software RAID?  If the latter, what is the best procedure or method 
for achieving that?

Any and all advice most appreciated!

Thanks much!

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