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I assume this is the same problems as RHAS3 so, Load the megaraid2
module during the install. When you update the kernel the Dell raid will
be detected in kudzu and you can select it, then continue.



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To whom it may concern,

Good Day, we are a start up Internet Provider in our area, we have
purchase a
new DEll 2850 from e-bay with serial number 183KL51. Im having a problem
installing a Fedora core 2 64 bit into the machine where in the same
software I
used in installing our 3 months old Dell 2650.I just want ask simple
from you, If you can please help me find a controller driver (PERC 4e
controller for Fedora core 2 64 bit or Fedora core 3 64 bit)and
procedure on
how to install Fedora 2 or 3 64 bit with this new PERC controller.

I hope that our request is not to much, considering that we are loyal to

Thank you very much,

Wennie V. Lagmay

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