SNMP + MRTG + hrStorage = nothing

Collins, Kevin KCollins at
Tue Mar 1 09:43:00 CST 2005

Hi all,

I have a PE2600 with Perc4/di that I'm trying to monitor via SNMP/MRTG.  I'm
trying to use the hrStorage system to pull info about my partitions so I can
keep an eye on disk space.  But, the machine isn't spitting anyting but 0's
out to MRTG.

I have the same setup running on another machine (home-brewed) and it's
working fine.

I've copied a portion of the MRTG and SNMP configurations to the bottom of
this e-mail - please advise if something is screwed up there.  Neither
target shown below is working. :(  Oh, and if it makes a difference, the
machine running MRTG is running Debian Sarge and MRTG 2.10.13.  The PE2600
is running RHEL ES 3.1 and the net-snmp package that comes with it (5.0.9,

Is there any problem with trying to track this information this way?  Anyone
else having this problem?

------ MRTG Config snippet -----------
# Allow us to use the SNMPD data
LoadMIBs: /usr/share/snmp/mibs/UCD-SNMP-MIB.txt

# Free Memory
public at
Options[stargazer.freemem]: nopercent,growright,gauge,noinfo
Title[stargazer.freemem]: Free Memory
PageTop[stargazer.freemem]: <h1>Free Memory on Stargazer</h1>
MaxBytes[stargazer.freemem]: 1000000
kMG[stargazer.freemem]: k,M,G,T,P,X
YLegend[stargazer.freemem]: bytes
ShortLegend[stargazer.freemem]: bytes
LegendI[stargazer.freemem]:  Free Memory:
Legend1[stargazer.freemem]: Free memory, not including swap, in bytes

# Disk Space
# ROOT Partition Disk Space
Target[stargazer.root]: hrStorageSize.1&hrStorageUsed.1:public at
MaxBytes[stargazer.root]: 1031769
kMG[stargazer.root]: k,M,G,T,P,X
Title[stargazer.root]: Disk usage on Stargazer -- /
PageTop[stargazer.root]: <H1>Disk usage on Stargazer -- /</H1>
Options[stargazer.root]: nopercent,gauge,growright
YLegend[stargazer.root]: Gigbytes
------ End MRTG Config snippet -----------

------ SNMPD Config snippet -----------
com2sec mynetwork      public

group MyROGroup v1      mynetwork
group MyROGroup v2c     mynetwork
group MyROGroup usm     mynetwork

view all    included  .1                               80

access MyROGroup ""      any       noauth    exact  all    none   none
------ End SNMPD Config snippet -----------

Thanks in advance...
Kevin L. Collins, MCSE
Systems Manager
Nesbitt Engineering, Inc.

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