Driver request

Wennie V. Lagmay Wennie.Lagmay at
Tue Mar 1 07:27:00 CST 2005

To whom it may concern,

Good Day, we are a start up Internet Provider in our area, we have purchase a
new DEll 2850 from e-bay with serial number 183KL51. Im having a problem
installing a Fedora core 2 64 bit into the machine where in the same software I
used in installing our 3 months old Dell 2650.I just want ask simple assistance
from you, If you can please help me find a controller driver (PERC 4e raid
controller for Fedora core 2 64 bit or Fedora core 3 64 bit)and procedure on
how to install Fedora 2 or 3 64 bit with this new PERC controller.

I hope that our request is not to much, considering that we are loyal to DEll.

Thank you very much,

Wennie V. Lagmay

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