replacing RH 7.3 on a 2650: please advise

jason andrade jason at
Mon May 31 18:54:00 CDT 2004

On Mon, 31 May 2004, nathan r. hruby wrote:

>> yes.  and RHL9 is also EOL.   RHEL3 is not released at
>> RHEL3/QU2.
> Huh?  Perhaps you mean "RHEL3 is *now* released at RHEL3/QU2"? :)

yes, sigh. i was going to post to correct it but i figured someone
else would pick it up ;-)

> Except that mtx was "forgotten" from the initial spin of the CD's.  It's in
> QU1 and up, but if you install from the original CD's you'll need to
> manually install it with up2date.

i guess you'll need mtx for the 132T changer..

i don't know if i'd bother installing from the original spin cds anymore as
once you've bought a subscription you have access to download the later ISO
images anyway.

i also rarely install off cd now anyway - have found it's worth the effort to
setup a kickstart server and use that for (mostly) unattended installs.  i'd
love to see examples from other people in the way of kickstart scripts and
postconfig hacks though if they're willing to post them.



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