replacing RH 7.3 on a 2650: please advise

jason andrade jason at
Sun May 30 21:11:01 CDT 2004

On Fri, 28 May 2004 Ernest.Buford at wrote:

> With RedHat 7.3 at EOL, is Enterprise Linux 3 a safe bet?

yes.  and RHL9 is also EOL.   RHEL3 is not released at

> I see that RedHat certifies RHEL 3 for the 2650 but not
> for the PowerVaults (220S & 132T) that I'm using.  (I've
> also noticed a few problems mentioned on this list.)  Will
> this OS/hardware combo work well?

i don't think the OS will really make much difference to all
the various bits 'around' the server.  the 220 is after all
just a disk chassis (so if the controller is recognised you
are fine) and the 132T is a tape drive so again, if the controller
it is attached to has drivers then it should detect and use
the tape drive.

> Pointers on the install would also be helpful as I am very
> new to Dell servers and have not installed Linux on a
> PowerEdge.  Is the install straightforward?  Should I use
> Server Assistant if I'm buying the OS direct from RedHat?
> My main concern is installing the OS on a RAID mirror and
> potential problems with drivers and such for the PERC cards
> (and NICs).

the best bet may be to use redhat's phone support to get help
with the installation process.  you can also buy a number of
books to help with this.  i'd like to be helpful but the
permutations can be endless depending on exactly what is being
configured.  if you had a more specific question i could
try and volunteer something.

i would recommend you use the ISO images from Red Hat directly
to keep it simple.

> Also, is RHEL 3 *AS* going to be OK?  Docs at seem
> to indicate that ES is preferred for a 2 processor system,
> but RedHat does not offer academic pricing for ES.

RHEL3 is all built on the same platform.  there is no code difference
between RHEL3/WS ES and AS.  the difference is in the following:

o Right To Use based on cpus (upto 2 for ws/es, upto 8 for AS i believe)
o Package list (WS doesn't contain some packages that ES/AS do)
o Support - WS, ES and AS provide different support levels.

> PowerEdge 2650 Dual Xeon 2.0 GHz
> Dual Broadcom BCM5701 NICs
> PERC3Di (2 drives RAID1 for OS & 2 drives RAID1 for data)
> PERC3DC -> PV 220S (RAID5)

you don't say what size disks or how these are configured.

> Adaptec 39160 -> PV 132T

you also haven't said exactly what the server is being used for.



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