PE 750 and RedHat 9.0 (OpenSource)

Peter Mueller pmueller at
Sat May 29 21:38:00 CDT 2004

You need the latest kernel from RH.  If you are pushing decent bandwidth
( > 10mb) I would use tg3 from 2.4.27-pre1.  2.4.27-pre1 has lots of tg3
patches from D.Miller.
Alternatively, you can use bcm5700.  Some people on the list feel the
broadcom driver is better.  Personally I'm inclined to trust D.Miller
before Broadcom..


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	Hi there --


	We're in the process of building Dell PE 750s with RedHat 9.0
(OpenSource) and the problem we're running into

	is that the OS fails to recognize the onboard NICs. Any ideas
how can I initialize the NICs?


	Kernel Revision: vmlinux-2.4.20-8smp


	thanks in advance for your help,







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