Configure and managing software raid on RHEL3

Sérgio M. Basto sbasto at
Fri May 28 17:04:15 CDT 2004

First sorry, if is not a new subject, but I can't find any archive for
this mailing List.
Second I very happy to know that we have a Dell Linux community site
from Dell it self.

Well I have some Dells running RHEL3 and others with Slackware 9 current
and have work like a charm.
But like we say in our country "is better prevent than workaround"
so I am trying install monitoring software for RAID (the Dell Open
on say the  Current Release is
1.7 from 23-Feb-2004 
but I found on
File Title: Systems Management: Dell OpenManage Server Administrator,
OpenManage Server Administrator and Remote Install (Agent), Enterprise
Linux 2.1, Enterprise Linux 3.0, Multi Language, Multi System, v.1.8,
File Date: 25/05/2004

This includes the SSA_Security_Patch_LX_A01.tar.gz and
A_Security_Patch_LX_A02.tar.gz  ?

So this om38_lnx_managed_systemA00.tar.gz is the last version and can be
installed on RHEL3 ?

sorry for my weak English, if any thing that you don't understand ask me
again please ! 

Sergio M. B.
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