replacing RH 7.3 on a 2650: please advise Steve_Boley at
Fri May 28 12:54:00 CDT 2004

First question, did you have to go to redhat
for any support on 7.3?  If not you would be
best served probably running the ongoing fedora
core series which was the ongoing rh9 and so on.

If you had to engage redhat support you would best
be served running the redhat enterprise line.

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With RedHat 7.3 at EOL, is Enterprise Linux 3 a safe bet?
I see that RedHat certifies RHEL 3 for the 2650 but not for the
PowerVaults (220S & 132T) that I'm using.  (I've also noticed a few
problems mentioned on this list.)  Will this OS/hardware combo work

Pointers on the install would also be helpful as I am very new to Dell
servers and have not installed Linux on a PowerEdge.  Is the install
straightforward?  Should I use Server Assistant if I'm buying the OS
direct from RedHat?
My main concern is installing the OS on a RAID mirror and potential
problems with drivers and such for the PERC cards (and NICs).

Also, is RHEL 3 *AS* going to be OK?  Docs at seem to indicate
that ES is preferred for a 2 processor system, but RedHat does not offer
academic pricing for ES.

I'm enjoying the list (tho some of it is over my head).
Thanks for any assistance,

My system:
PowerEdge 2650 Dual Xeon 2.0 GHz
Dual Broadcom BCM5701 NICs
PERC3Di (2 drives RAID1 for OS & 2 drives RAID1 for data) PERC3DC -> PV
220S (RAID5) Adaptec 39160 -> PV 132T

 Ernest W. Buford
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   and Natural Resources
 University of Vermont
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