perc 4 dc raid10 , I think

Frank Singleton frank.singleton at
Fri May 28 08:04:01 CDT 2004

Hi ,

A PERC 4 raid 10 question.

We have 2 PE1750's with PERC 4 DC and a  powervault 220s. I have split 
it via the slider switch at the
back to make  2 X Each pe1750 access 7 disk independant of each other.

They will be dbase servers running mysql on rh es3.

The aim is to  run each as raid 1+0 (mirror then stripe).

ie: Mirror 2 pairs, then stripe across them.

The disks are 70G each .

Now I ran trough a raid 10  setup with a helpful dell rep, and
I think I got the massage accross that I wanted raid 1+0 not

He asked me to setup ths disks like this



I can see that the final disk size is approx 140G, visible as /dev/sdb
according my boot log (dmesg).

My question is:

How can I confirm that I have raid1+0 and not raid 0+1 ?

I dont want to find out later ??

Thanks / Frank

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