PERC2 RHEL3 issue

Tom Brown tom.brown at
Thu May 27 04:20:01 CDT 2004

> Not sure about your 6300/PERC2, but I know the two we have in house here
> are Adaptec based and use the aacraid driver.  Its bios identifies it as a
> "PowerEdge RAID Controller 2" during bootup.  RHEL3(Update 1) without any
> driver disks picked it up just fine with the new 2.8 firmware on the
> controller.

Thanks to all that replied - This actually turned out to be a firmware issue
on the card, upgrading to the latest firmware solved it.

I think Brian you are getting slightly confused as to the identity of your
card. The adaptec stuff is the on board SCSI controller(s) and the
"PowerEdge RAID Controller 2" is the RAID controller and in this case its a



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