PE2650 & PERC3/Di experience

Robert Cope robert at
Thu May 27 02:11:00 CDT 2004

Oops, maybe I should have been paying more attention!

I am actually about to start testing backports of RHEL3 kernels and such
into my environment. I guess this might end up being more interesting
than I thought it would be.


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>>> robert at wrote a 3.9KB message. i replied
> Not that I really feel the need to defend Dell, but I have many 1650s,
> 1750s, and 2650s in production with the 3/DI, 4/DC, and uh, other PERC
> controllers. All of them run Redhat 7.3. They are all rock solid and
> perform well under load. In the past year, I've had to reboot one of
> them.

That is the problem.  They work fine with 7.3, but 7.X is EOL'd .
If you're forced to run RH Enterprise 3 like RedHat and many vendors
you're SOL.

> Sounds like you got a lemon,

The lemons are in the phony support contracts, version requirements and
"certification" from both 
RH and Dell.

> robert 


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