DRAC3/ERA and console redirect

Thu May 27 00:19:01 CDT 2004

If you have all of the rac services installed, the webUI "console
redirection" feature will give you a *slow* VNC session through the ERA.
This is true provided that the racvnc and racser services are installed
and running. There are several other methods of using the ERA for
console redirection.

You can redirect a text console session through the ERA WebUI *WITHOUT*
installing any of the rac services. Disable all 3 rac related services
then reconnect to a server in runlevel 3 and you will see what I mean.
You will not be able to get a graphical session through the rac wihout
the rac services, or play well with the server. For example, graceful
shutdown of the host via the rac  won't work with the services disabled.

Alternately, with certain servers, BIOS versions, and ERA firmware
versions, you can configure the ERA to redirect a console session via
COM2 on the server -- provided you make a few changes to the default ERA

Personally, I recommend that you enable the telnet functionality of the
ERA. With this feature enabled, you can telnet into the ERA, issue all
racadm commands, or type "connect video" and redirect a text or
ncurses-based console via the telnet session. This telnet session will
also redirect server POST, etc. This is a pretty neat feature and much
faster than the WebUI.

Thanks, jacob

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I have a newly rebuilt system with RH3ES and OMSA1.7

I am trying to get the remote access funtions back online.

The redirect seems to try to access the racvnc process instead of a
serial port.  Is this how it is "supposed to work" or have I missed a
step?  Can it be configured to do a real serial redirect?  If so, how?

Any help is appreciated.

I continue to try and mine the support.dell.com linux.dell.com sites for
the right direction.

Tim Pickard
Systems Support Analyst and Administrator

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