PE2650 & PERC3/Di experience ddarcy at
Wed May 26 20:34:01 CDT 2004

Right now we're currently running one PE2650 with a PERC3/Di, but we have
it severely locked down. This box has been nothing but problems ever since
we first got it. Between having a failed power supply, a faulty dvd-rom,
and performing poorly all-round while we were using the percraid
functionality, I'd say the purchase hasn't been worth the money.
After much trial and error we came up with a few tricks to work around the
short-comings of the model.
First, disable hyper-threading it slows down performance under linux.
Second, turn off the RAID functionality in the BIOS and three go with a
software RAID solution. That or go and buy a 3/DC or a 4/DC. During our
testing, software raid surpassed any of the various hardware solutions we
tried both in performance and obviously cost :).
With Hardware RAID the box would consistently lock at least once a day and
that was under a light testing load. After stepping up the tests and
thereby increasing the I/O activity, it failed consistently two to three
times a day! When I say failed, I mean that the machine would stop
accepting input of any kind (keyboard, mouse, serial port, telnet
session), but remained pingable oddly enough. It was only till we disabled
RAID in the BIOS that we were able to get decent up times.
This was all done using a RAID1+0 configuration under Gentoo 2004.0, using
AAC0: kernel 2.7.4 build 3170, AAC0: monitor 2.7.4 build 3170, and AAC0:
bios 2.7.0 build 3170. Whether the problem lies in the aacraid driver or
the physical hardware it's hard to say. Overall the behavior was erratic,
there were no error messages despite turning on:
[*] – Verbose SCSI error reporting (kernel size +=12K)
[*] – SCSI logging facility – echo “scsi log token [level]” >
/proc/scsi/scsi, requires that you read drivers/scsi/scsi.c to figure out
the tokens.
Also, it's probably noteworthy to point out, that afacli would cause the
system to outright halt and disabling the caching options in the Bios did
_not_ help.
Additionally we tried to make our own custom initrd so we could load and
unload the aacraid driver when it failed to try and restore functionality
w/o having to restart the system, but we never made much head way. We got
the idea to first try a module versus building it directly in to the
kernel after letting the system run off of the livecd for more than a day.
It just so happened that day was also the first day the system didn't hard
lock. At which point it was fairly obvious that the problem probably had
more to do with the driver than it did with the hardware.
Anyways, the only thing that finally turned results was disabling the PERC
RAID functionality entirely and then setting up a software raid config.
Anyways, I hope this saves someone else the hassle of having to figure all
of this out on their own.

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