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Wed May 26 16:30:01 CDT 2004

Not sure about your 6300/PERC2, but I know the two we have in house here 
are Adaptec based and use the aacraid driver.  Its bios identifies it as a 
"PowerEdge RAID Controller 2" during bootup.  RHEL3(Update 1) without any 
driver disks picked it up just fine with the new 2.8 firmware on the 

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PERC2 RHEL3 issue


I'm trying to install RHEL3 onto a box we have just taken out of
production - Its a PE6300 with a couple of older Xeons and a PERC2
controller in it.

Seems that the installer finds the PERC card OK but then just hangs -
looking in the dmesg output from the installer it seems to have issues 
the PERC2 as i see

failed to insert /tmp/megaraid2.o and then hints about insmod debugging 

Has anyone managed to get this combo to work together as i'd rather not
resort to junking this box as it has a lot of life left in it doing
something i'm sure



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