2650 Silly question

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In the F2 set up the second option from the bottom is Keyboard Report

Report Keyboard Errors - Enables or disables reporting of keyboard
errors during the POST. This option is useful when applied to
self-starting or host systems that have no permanently attached
keyboard. In these situations, selecting Do Not Report suppresses all
error messages relating to the keyboard or keyboard controller during
POST. This setting does not affect the operation of the keyboard itself
if a keyboard is attached to the system.

If you disable this it should take care of your issue.

Jason Mick

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This is so silly!

When rebooting a 2650 remotely using the RAC, if I don't have a keyboard
plugged in it faults on an error.

I can't see where in the BIOS this can be disabled.

Question:  Other than leaving a keyboard permanently plugged in and
therefore in the way in the rack, is there any way of suppressing this?

Or have I just not spotted the setting?



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