PERC3/Di failure workaround hypothesis

Craig Kelley ckelley at
Mon May 24 17:13:33 CDT 2004

John Logsdon wrote:

> So  Drives 0+1 RAID1
> and Drives 2,3,4 RAID5

We have several servers configured likewise, and haven't seen this 
problem on any of them.  The versions are slightly different:

Component Revisions


                CLI: 2.7-1 (Build #4944)

                API: 2.7-1 (Build #4944)

    Miniport Driver: 1.1-0 Beta (Build #9999)

Controller Software: 2.7-1 (Build #3170)

    Controller BIOS: 2.7-1 (Build #3170)

Controller Firmware: (Build #3170)

We have 2 other servers that are RAID-1 only, and they have both 
displayed this behavior about once every-other month between them.  The 
RAID-1 servers don't do much CPU processing, but shovel tons of packets 
between interfaces (including ipsec).  This is all anecdotal, of course; 
but the machines are all exactly the same age -- the only difference is 
the RAID configurations on them and the jobs they do.


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