PE2650 cluster: routing network traffic through the ERA interface

Steve Landherr steve-lists at
Mon May 24 13:32:00 CDT 2004

I am building a cluster of PowerEdge 2650 computers with shared storage (Red
Hat Linux 9 + Heartbeat 1.3 + EVMS 2.2.2 + OpenGFS 0.3).  I would like to
take advantage of the ERA hardware for my STONITH device.  In order to give
the best chances that STONITH will succeed, I also want to isolate the ERA
network from the redundant gigabit data networks.  However, it doesn't
appear that the ERA will route traffic from the Linux PPP interface through
to the other nodes on the ERA network for the purpose of resetting them.

Does anyone know of a way to manipulate the ERA's route table/ppp
configuration to make it route traffic from the system OS out over the ERA
network interface?  If not, I'm going to have to add another Ethernet card
to each node to make the connection between the nodes and the ERA network.
More cards + more cables => lower availability.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Steve Landherr -- steve-lists at
San Francisco, California

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