mtx on SuSE PE1750/PV136T

Tom Knight thomas.knight at
Mon May 24 11:16:01 CDT 2004

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> Subject: mtx on SuSE PE1750/PV136T
> Hi,
> I'm running SuSE Professional 9.0 on a Dell PE1750 with a PV136T
> attached to
> the SCSI (PCI) card.
> I'm having difficulty running the mtx commands. I may well be missing
> something really basic, as I'm new to this sort of hardware, can anyone
> help?

Okay, now it's not so awful.
After playing around with SCSI ids (of the tape drives) I rebooted the tape
library, and now I'm not getting those error.

I can use `mtx status` and `mtx load` very happily indeed.

`mtx unload`, however.....
I'll play sopme more before asking for more help, it might just "go away"
again ;-)



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