Kernel panic - Dell 2600/PERC4di/RH7.3

Charles Riley criley at
Mon May 24 10:19:06 CDT 2004


In my manufacturing area, I have five identical brand new PE2600 servers.
They are all built using the same Redhat 7.3 OS cd.  Four of them work
flawlessly, but one continually kernel panics (with no log entry) when I scp
my application to it.

After about 3 days of asking me for information (in a couple of cases,
re-requesting information which I'd already sent) Dell finally had me
download and run the diagnostic program, which completed without error.
Then, I get this:

If the hard ware checks out, update the driver version for the raid
controller. You might want to use the following. You will have to compile
for your kernel version. 

The driver module is megaraid-2.10.1-3.i386. 
Source files at this link

See megaraid-2.20.0b2-04.142004.tgz 

The firmware will work with this version of the megaraid driver. 


Maybe it's just me, but if the problem is the Megaraid driver, then why do
the other servers work?

The controller is a perc4/di. Firmware is 2.48, Megaraid driver is 1.18f.
Has anyone else experienced a problem with this combination?

I really don't want to go down this road if I can help it.  These servers
will be used in a medical application, and that makes things way more
complicated than just updating a driver.


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