Single disk Debian install on PE650

Gareth Robins gmrobins at
Sun May 23 13:00:01 CDT 2004

I would like to boot the debian installation disks (woody but 2.4 or 2.2 
with EXT3) remotly. My PowerEdge 650 has a Dual Port NIC think its (82544EI 
Gigabit Ethernet Controller) without any raid or SCSI hardware to complicate 
I am pretty sure all this will fit on to a 1.44 meg floppy so I can boot it 
via the DRAC III/XT. Redhat does have a disc but this doesn't seem to work.
However, the only debian images I can find are mutiple disks and I can't 
SWAP disks with the DRAC.
Does anyone know of a 1.44meg image that has that driver built-in or is 
there a way of swapping disk when using the DRAC III/XT


Gareth Robins
gmrobins at

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