PERC3/Di failure workaround hypothesis

Ronald L Fox rfox at
Sat May 22 23:37:00 CDT 2004

At 01:20 PM 5/22/2004, Matt Domsch wrote:
>On Sat, May 22, 2004 at 02:11:35PM -0700, Sean Bruno - TELECOM wrote:
>> BTW, what will be the action here if this does indeed "work-around" this
>> failure?  Will there be a new version of the firmware for the 3Di?
>Likely yes, though it will take some time to release - any firmware
>change must be tested across multiple controllers on several
>server types, and with multiple operating systems, to ensure that the
>"fix" doesn't break anything else.

If this is indeed a PERC/3Di firmware problem, wouldn't you expect to see this failure mode with other OS's?  Has this problem been reported to affect Win32 systems?  If not, any theory about why?  If so, does the suggested workaround fix the problem under Win32?


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