Debian OMSA

Charlie Orford spam at
Fri May 21 20:32:01 CDT 2004

Sean McAvoy wrote:

> Well now luck getting it working cleanly, but I did manage to find out  
> more.
> When I used 4.71, the module was built cleanly and loaded fine. When I  
> removed the dellomsa-drivers
> it did not unload esm.o nor delete it. This causes the dellomsa-drivers  
> 4.9 (not sure about 4.12, but more then
> likely the same) to install successfully as it detects the esm module  
> loaded.
> Which would explain why users upgrading from 4.71 would experience no  
> problems.
> Thanks for the esm_log Charlie
> Can anyone comment on the significance of using esm.o from 4.71 with  
> newer dellomsa, or any benefits of using the newer over the older.

I'm glad you tracked it down. This is exactly what happened in my 
situation. I started with 4.71 and moved up. As far as I can tell there 
are no ill effects from using the older esm.o. Everything appears to be 
functiong as expected.


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