Dell PE 1650 and aacraid errors

Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Fri May 21 09:06:01 CDT 2004

On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 11:25:46AM +0200, pzero wrote:
> can these errors be related the common PERC3/Di problem discussed on the 
> list?

I rearranged somewhat to be clearer.

> >Apr 22 01:10:48 myserver kernel: Red Hat/Adaptec aacraid driver (1.1.2 
> >Feb  9 2004 22:51:15)
> >Apr 22 01:13:31 myserver kernel: aacraid:ID(0:02:0); Error Event 
> >[command:0x28]
> >Apr 22 01:13:31 myserver kernel: aacraid:ID(0:02:0); Hardware Error 
> >[k:0x4,c:0x2,q:0x80]
> >Apr 22 01:13:31 myserver kernel: aacraid:ID(0:02:0); No Seek Complete
> >Apr 22 01:13:51 myserver kernel: aacraid:ID(0:02:0) - IO failed, Cmd[0x28]
> >Apr 22 01:13:51 myserver kernel: aacraid:Drive 0:2:0 returning error
> >Apr 22 01:13:53 myserver kernel: aacraid:RAID5 Container 0 Drive 0:2:0 
> >Failure

The firmware believes that the disk at ID2 died.  There's nothing the
system can do about this, it's a hardware problem.

> >Apr 22 01:13:53 myserver kernel: aacraid:RAID5 Failover Container 0 No 
> >Failover Assigned

You didn't have a failover disk assigned

> >Apr 22 01:15:06 myserver kernel: aacraid:ID(0:02:0) - Drive spindown failed
> >Apr 22 01:15:06 myserver kernel: aacraid:Drive 0:2:0 offline on 
> >container 0:
> >Apr 22 01:15:49 myserver kernel: aacraid:Container 0 started REBUILD 
> >task on drive 0:2:0

Arrggh.  The firmware no longer things that this disk is failed, so it
initiates a rebuild of the RAID5 into it.  

> >Apr 22 02:10:38 myserver kernel: aacraid:Battery charge is now OK

Completely separately, the battery was being charge cycled, it's back
to normal again...

> >Apr 22 03:26:58 myserver kernel: aacraid:Container 0 completed REBUILD 
> >task:

And now the rebuild completes.

Perfectly normal, except that the controller shouldn't have thought
you lost a disk when you didn't.

> What Linux versions does that problem affect?

The problem I posted yesterday is separate from the above.  You see
SCSI command timeouts, followed by the aacraid driver printing a
message like "scsi bus hung?".  We believe this to be a firmware
problem, so it potentially affects all OSs, all versions, though we
only have failure reports on Linux.


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