Jason Branscum jason.branscum at
Fri May 21 07:44:00 CDT 2004

Howdy ya'll

Any one else besides me use FreeBSD on their PowerEdge servers?  I've
got a couple PEs running Debian, only because the software vendor
wouldn't support a BSD o/s but in any case I can, my new PE750 for
example, I've loaded FreeBSD on it.  One question in particular, has
anyone gotten the OMSA to run on FreeBSD?  I don't really want it for
the web-based front end; my main desire is the snmp extensions that OMSA
provides which allows me to monitor fan speeds, temperatures, voltages,
etcetera.  SNMPTraps also come in handy for logging purposes.. again,
this requires the OMSA.

Like most of the *nix users, I am a minimalist; I don't like running
anything that isn't necessary; ie, Windows because of the massive
overhead needed to sustain programs in an idle state.  I run BSD because
I can get away with about 2 active processes running and a few others
and still have tons of memory left.  That being said, wouldn't it be
cool of the RAC cards could run snmpd and instead of installing OMSA on
the o/s, we could instead use those cards to run SNMP queries.  This
would prevent having to load OMSA on each and every server on my network
and allow me to still query temperatures, etc on machines with
unsupported o/s.

I'm on the list, no need to email me directly although I receive the
digest version.

Thoughts?  Flames?


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