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Fri May 21 06:08:06 CDT 2004

Does the PowerVault actually turn off or does it just become unavailable? 
We had a rash of problems with 220s arrays.  From the machine's 
perspective, it was like the array was suddenly unplugged.  It took 
upgrading the firmware in the array to the latest version to fix them.

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05/21/2004 02:57 AM
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I've experiencing a problem with my PowerVault 220S. The system runs in
split mode and it is connected to two PowerEdge 1750, both equipped with
>From time to time (more or less once every 10-12 days) the PowerVault 
shuts down, so I've to restart the system turning it off and then on and
reboot the two connected PowerEdge. This has only happened during 
or night, when no-one in my company is using the systems.
This problem can cause also damages to the my oracle installation.

On the PowerEdges I'm using SuSE ES 8, SP3. They are configured with 2
processors and 2 GB RAM

Can anybody help me??



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