PERC3/Di failure workaround hypothesis

pzero pzero at
Fri May 21 04:08:01 CDT 2004

On 20-05-2004 23:06, Matt Domsch wrote:

> We believe we have root cause to the SCSI command timeouts seen with
> the PERC3/Di, related to how the RAID controller firmware handles
> read and write caching.  To be certain that this is the *only*
> problem, we ask you to do the following, and to report back to the
> list success (i.e. you no longer see the SCSI mid-layer time out
> commands, the system runs as expected), or failure (you still see
> command timeouts).  If the latter occurs, then there is a secondary
> problem that we'll need additional details from you to help debug.

what servers and Linux versions are affected by this problem?

Is there any way to reproduce the problem in a consistent way?


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