PE8450 redhat / fedora sym53c8xx install issues... Steve_Boley at
Thu May 20 16:33:36 CDT 2004

If there is a raid controller just disable
the symbios controller in bios and will fix.

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On Wed, 19 May 2004, Luke Alexander wrote:

> Just joined the list, and having problems with a Power Edge 8450.
> I'm trying to install a more recent version of Redhat than 7.3 (8.0 /
9.0 / Fedora), but it hangs on:
> Loading SCSI Driver...
> Loading sym53c8xx driver...

I'm just shooting in the dark here, but this kind of behaviour (hang on
driver init, esp. scsi) sounds like IRQ routing problems.  Have you
tried booting with IO-APIC enabled/disabled as well as ACPI
These two systems both have a hand in IRQ configuration, are often buggy
and are often enabled (or have their more advanced features stressed) in
newer kernels than old.  That's where I'd start.

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