Problem with Poweredge 2550 and 2.6 kernel.

John jcouncilman at
Thu May 20 16:27:41 CDT 2004

Has anyone ran into problems with a PowerEdge 2550 dropping its Broadcom
gig-E interface on kernel 2.6?  This server is running Slackware 9.1 with a
2.6.6 kernel.  I used the 2.6.4 kernel with the same results.

Also, I have tried both the commercial BCM driver and the open source tg3
driver with the same results.


The interface will stay up anywhere from one hour to two days, and when it
goes down the only way to bring it back up is to unload and re-load the bcm
(or tg3) module.  Other servers running a 2.4 kernel and RedHat have been up
for months without problems relating to the network card staying up.



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