2650 - 220S question

Frank Miller fmiller at tamut.edu
Thu May 20 16:21:01 CDT 2004



            This is not really a linux question on dells but I got some
great advice/help here in the past so I thought I would ask anyway.   To
make a long story short we bought 2 dell 2650's and a dell powervault 220s.
My initial goal was to cluster these together for use with an app called
webct.  After I bought the hardware I found out that webct will only use the
clustering software from Steeleye software called Lifekeeper for which I
hadn't budgeted enough money. I then  hooked up one of the 2650s to the 220S
in non cluster mode. Everything worked fine after I upgraded the kernel in
Redhat 7.3.  Now, we are between semesters and I have budgeted for
Lifekeeper so I would like to set up the cluster the way it should be.  I
know I have to change the switch on the 220s to cluster mode and then set
the perc 3di  to run in cluster mode and change the scsi id's.  My question
is if I do this will I lose all the data that is currently on the 220S.  The
second 2650 is not hooked up to the 220s I'm worried that when I hook it up
and set up the raid configuration that all the webct data is going to be
lost. I hope someone might know the answer or can point in the right


Thanks in advance - Frank

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