Educational pricing for RHEL

jason andrade jason at
Wed May 19 20:17:00 CDT 2004

On Wed, 19 May 2004 Steve_Boley at wrote:

> That is something that redhat will not let us do so
> you have to go to them to get the educational prices.
> Sorry it's a redhat thing not a dell one.
> Steve

there's also a difference between the RH Academic edition and the 
Dell "Educational" pricing i believe (please dell people tell me 
if i'm wrong..)

The academic edition comes with the right-to-patch and some base 
level of phone support (30 days?).  It is expected you would either
take out a separate support contract if you need it or you would
fall back to your campus IT support.  The dell `discounted' ES 
server comes with full support (install/patch/phone/web/engineer 
etc).  This may or may not suit what you are trying to do but
i think is the significant difference.



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