Cluster Configuration PE2650/PV220

Philippe Gramoullé philippe.gramoulle at
Wed May 19 02:42:00 CDT 2004


On Wed, 19 May 2004 09:02:02 +0200
Jens Bergmann <jens.bergmann at> wrote:

  | Hi,
  | we purchased two 2650 and two PV220 for a cluster configuration. The PE
  | are equiped with one PERC3/QC each. I found a note in the PERC
  | documentation that only PERC3/DC is "cluster ready"? 

With the official Dell Firmware, this is true. Only PERC3/DC will give you the cluster mode.
  | If i put the PV220 in cluster mode and connect both controllers to it my
  | maschine denys to boot. 

Because i think PERC3/QC just can't handle cluster mode with the Dell Firmware.

  | Any hints would be welcome..

Well, of course, depending on your requirements, you may try to flash the PERC3/QC with the 
original LSI Firmware, and this will allow you to use the cluster mode on the RAID adapter.

I'd assume that this would leave you with no support from Dell in case of a problem.

Still, i never understood why the PERC3/QC cluster mode was removed from the DELL Firmware and is only
available on the PERC3/DC, while obviously the PERC3/QC seems to be able to handle that (never tested myself though)

  | Greetings
  | Jens 



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