OMSA on linux 2.6 kernel

Dan Christian dac at
Tue May 18 20:21:01 CDT 2004

I posted on this a while back, but didn't get any replies.

The OMSA driver won't compile under Linux-2.6.

Megamon will monitor a AMI based RAID controller.  This talks directly 
to the open source driver, so it should work under 2.6.  It used to work 
for me under 2.6.3, but doesn't seem to notice anything under 2.6.5.

There is different tool for Adaptec based RAID.  I haven't used that 
one.  It should also be independent of OMSA.


Ryan Langseth wrote:

> I have been looking for information on using Dell OMSA on a poweredge 
>2650 using the 2.6 kernel, but I have not seen any information about 2.6 
>compatibility. Will this be something implemented soon, if not already? Is 
>there some way to make the current verion work with the 2.6 kernel, or 
>some other way to monitor the hardware, particularly the raid array?

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