gigabit xfer speeds under linux

Aaron Urbain aurbain at
Tue May 18 13:15:01 CDT 2004

As an aside, does anyone know whether the Broadcom cards in a 1750 are 64bit 
or not?
I have another server (not dell) with the same cards (5704) and transferring 
data between them using the Cisco (everything at 1000/FD) I'm only seeing 
30MB/sec (~240mbit) which is a bit pants really for GigE...
(Second server is a Dual Opteron 248)


I'm seeing 49.0 MB/s
6650 -> netcat-> intel 1000 -> Foundry SI400 -> intel 1000 ...
can squeeze a tiny little more playing with kernel tcp/ip read and write buffers.
Would love to get this faster.

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