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Tue May 18 11:56:01 CDT 2004

On Tue, 18 May 2004 nospam at wrote:

> > Grant.
> >
> > Try booting with the Linux cd to rescue mode, login as root and run grub.
> > Once you have the grub prompt, type "find /boot/grub/stage1" or "find
> > /grub/stage1" depending on the pathing, without the quotes. The command
> > should return something to the effect of (hd0,0).  At the prompt, type
> > "root
> > (hd0,0)" or whatever was returned in the previous command, and hit enter.
> > Again at the prompt type "setup (hd0)".  That should reinstall the grub
> > boot
> > loader. Quit out of grub, exit out of rescue mode and reboot.  You should
> > be
> > good to go. HTH
> >
> > Regards, Marshall
> Thanks Marshall, for the note.  I tried these instructions to the tee, but
> no luck.  No errors, the root was (hd0,0) and the all the commands worked
> as expected, but the system still would not boot.
> I installed LILO as Jason recommended and that worked OK.

Note that if you have Serial Console Redirection turned on in BIOS along
with the option to keep displaying after the OS boots *and* grub is
configured to have a serial condole this will happen.  The solution (that
I found) was to simple change the Redirection Option to just display the
POST, as grub will pick up perfectly as it knows about serial devices
(lilo doesn't)


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