Severe Reliability & Performance Problems with a PE4600

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> Hmmm  - while we're at it - can someone recommend a good gigabit switch?
> Right now I have a 8 port Linksys EF3508.  I'll likely need more ports in
> the next few months, so if I buy a new bigger one I'd like it to be the
> right one...  If anyone has any good or bad luck with a particular make or
> model, I'd appreciate your input.

We've got a couple of Dell PowerConnect 5212 series 10/100/1000 switches and 
they seem to be performing as well as the 10/100/1000 blade in our Cisco 
4507r switch...

As an aside, does anyone know whether the Broadcom cards in a 1750 are 64bit 
or not?
I have another server (not dell) with the same cards (5704) and transferring 
data between them using the Cisco (everything at 1000/FD) I'm only seeing 
30MB/sec (~240mbit) which is a bit pants really for GigE...
(Second server is a Dual Opteron 248)


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