changing password using racadm

Sylvain Hubert sylvain.hubert at
Mon May 17 21:02:01 CDT 2004


I changed the default password of the ERA card on a PE2650 under redhat 7.3
using racadm in my test lab. Here is the command that I used:

racadm –r -u root -p calvin config –g cfgUserAdmin –o
cfgUserAdminPassword –i 1 "passwd"

Now, if I connect using SSL (https) on the ERA card, I can login using root
for the username and passwd for the password and it works fine. But if I
tried with racadm, I can no longer authenticate. Here is an example of a
command that now failed after changing the password:

racadm –r -u root -p passwd getsysinfo

How can I reset the password? I think the quotation mess-up something (even
if it works fine within the SSL interface).



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